Welcome to the Ranworth Breeze Boat Syndicate site.  

This site is run by the owners of Ranworth Breeze, a Birchwood 340 cruiser moored at Brundall Marina on the Norfolk Broads.  

For most people,  the concept of owning a luxurious boat and only using it a few weeks each year is very off putting!   Look in any Marina and notice how infrequently the boats are moved.  The depreciation of the asset plus the maintenance and  annual running costs are equally frightening.

The members of Ranworth Breeze Syndicate are the joint owners of Ranworth Breeze spread across 20 shares, with each share providing 2 weeks allocation on the boat each year.  Some owners hold more than one share giving them multiple lots of two weeks throughout the season.


The boat is moored on the south broads at the Brundall Bay Marina, Brundall, Norwich.  This provides easy access into Beccles (above), Reedham, Loddon and Norwich.  With appropriate tides and experience it's also possible to travel to the north broads via Great Yarmouth.

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